Nora Bilous - Cantante, poeta, compositora argentina
Singer, poet and composer, Nora Bilous is one of the leading tango performer of the hour. Her clear enunciation, her imposing personality and her intense voice - full of variations - make the audience quiver. Nora insists on a distinctive sonority which allows the gentleness of the expression and the sentimental tone to stand out, nevertheless proving faithful to Tango?s essence and identity.
Nora displays, with great success, several performances in theatres of Buenos Aires, especially in two of the most archetypal places in town.
Since the year 2003, she has steadily appeared every Sunday and Friday in the mythical "Café Tortoni"; and since 2007, she can also be seen every Monday in the "Café de los Angelitos".
Her first record, "Tango.. Encanto de Mujer"(2004) appears to be her best letter of presentation. Along with the specialized critics, the public in general discovers in her "a great singer who exceeds the natural conditions with a broad technique and a remarkable performing capacity."
In December 2005 she presents her second release "Desde otro lado", appraised by the critics as a "true jewel for tango lovers", in which she starts to develop the possibilities of song-writing.
During 2007, next to Juan Rivero - director, composer, arranger and pianist - she produces, records and edits her third album "Presente". In this work, Bilous grows as a poet and presents a fresh and luminous art through an uninhibited and pleasant interpretation of the album songs, either composed or only performed, by the Bilous-Rivero duet. Her new material has received excellent reviews from the press; and renowned personalities, such as Raúl Garello, Juanjo Dominguez and Armando Rolón, have also expressed their opinion upon her latest release.
In December 2007, the Bilous-Rivero duet is selected in the Performers Contest for the Notable Bars Cultural Calendar 2008. Recently, they are recording the duet’s first album to be mostly focused on a folk-oriented repertoire.
She has made several appearances, with great success as well, in many other theatres in Buenos Aires -be it the “Esquina Homero Manzi”, “Café Homero”, “Clásica y Moderna”, “La Casona del teatro”, to name but a few - spreading her artistic talent in each show.
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